Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is there a way to run comfortably with blisters?

This is probably a stupid question, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

My poor, poor insteps. It took four weeks for my last set of blisters--from my orthodics ordeal--to harden and turn into scars, and now I've got fresh ones on top of them that have the exact same punctured-grape appearance.

The shoes I've been wearing all along, my Nike Air Zoom Road Explosion IIs, have never hurt me but don't offer my shins or flat feet any support, which has become a problem as I've increased my mileage.

So this weekend I went to Runner's Depot and bought a pair of "real" running shoes--the Brooks Dyad--and wore them around the house with the orthodics to try to break them in, as the Foot Solutions people had suggested. After a few days of indoors-only, around-the-house orthodics wearing, I laced up the new shoes for a quick, 3 mile jog...and has happened before, 1.5 miles into it, I realized what a mistake I'd made.

So I'll be stopping by Foot Solutions this week to bleed all over their carpet--or at least get my custom orthodics re-customized; the owner of the store, who is very nice, actually called me up when the company's PR folks web-crawled my blog to see how he could help, and I'll definitely be taking him up on his offer.

But in the meantime, my feet are a mess. I hear runners complain all the time of bad hips and knees; try running when your feet are the problem part of your body!

So is there anything I can do, until I'm all healed? Run with my feet wrapped in Ace bandages? Inject my insteps with a local anesthetic? Do I need to page Dr. Scholls? Any suggestions would be appreciated. As it is, I'm sliding around in my shoes since I've embalmed my feet in Neosporin.

That being said, is it crazy that I'm still looking forward to tomorrow's run?

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  1. Hi Jorie, this is Christina from the Momentum board (stbxadict).

    You should send an email to 'no meat athlete'. He has a blog (just google and it'll come right up) and has discussed working with injuries in the past, and at the moment has a gigantic blister on his foot while training for a marathon. He might have some insight as to how you can continue running without further damaging your poor foot.