Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mama's got a new pair of shoes!

I'm so sorry, Nike, but I've moved on.

Conceding that my chipped toenails and sore feet post-run might be due to my feet growing a size while I was growing Charlie, I finally gave in and went to Runner's Depot to get properly sized for running shoes. While I was there, I had them do a gait-check, too.

My profile: A mild over-pronator with flat feet who runs with correct form (ie on the balls of my feet, not the heels or toes.) And who needs a size 9.5 running shoe. (Sob!)

The Runner's Depot guy did have Nike Lunars in my new, jumbo size, but he didn't want to sell them to me, because he said I needed some stability, and not so much cushioning. I told him I really didn't care about that, as long as the shoes felt "light." That's always been one thing I've loved about every pair of Nikes I've run in: the airy stride.

So he hooked me up with Saucony Progrid Mirage Lites, in a funky charcoal and deep pink color. I was skeptical but he promised me I could take them back for new kicks in 30 days if they gave me blisters, soreness or any other problems.

I haven't put that much mileage on them yet, but so far, I am loving them. They are lightweight indeed, and the extra room in the toe feels luxurious after months and months of pinching my big feet into shoes that didn't fit. I also think the lack of cushioning is forcing me to take on a better running stance; I feel more muscle development in my upper leg and better release in my knees and ankles. I realize now that I had been running kind of stiffly in my old shoes, partly because they didn't fit and partially because all of the pillowy cushioning might not have been doing my stride any favors.

We'll see how they fare after my long run tomorrow--but I have to say, I have high hopes.