Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You know you’ve become addicted to running when…

1. You bought nine different varieties of moisture-wick socks before finding a pair that worked for your feet—and then bought a big lot of them on Ebay because you cleaned out your local Sports Authority’s supply of them.

2. You can’t listen to songs from your running playlist without your heart rate becoming slightly elevated.

3. You keep wondering why everyone in the mall walks so slow, why you managed to amass a huge collection of "tummy control body slimmers" over the years, and why you ever needed your husband's help to open a jar of spaghetti sauce--and then it dawns on you: you're faster, leaner and stronger than you've ever been in your life.

4. Instead of worrying about calories or even taste, you worry about whether the item you’re considering eating will make tomorrow’s run a zippy or a sluggish one—and what, if any, bathroom implications there might be.

5. You’re not a wimp anymore. Once you’ve had to pop a blood-filled blister with a needle or slipped on a puddle of your own sweat, standing up to bullies suddenly becomes a lot easier—maybe even natural.

6. You’re more excited about the day of your long run than your day of rest.

7. If you’re being really honest with yourself, you might admit that used to be a little bit envious of The Beautiful People, with their white teeth and expensive hair extensions and their Louis Vuitton purses. Now you don’t want all that. You just want a Bodybugg. And a faster mile.


  1. exactly. I was at Six flags with my family and Coldplay Viva la Vida came over the loud speaker. My pavlovian response was to start running. I resisted but barely.
    And my long run is tomorrow and I can't wait. already mapping it out instead of working.