Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy race pictures from Sunday's 13.1

OK, yes, I did get dressed in the dark that morning--but hey, at least I'm smiling in these race pictures! (In previous races, I've looked distraught, queasy, and mad.)

Note to self: next time lay out race gear the night before to avoid teal/grape-purple combination, especially because my shoes are white and orange. If there were an atheletic version of "What Not to Wear," I'd be a good candidate in these pictures!


  1. You look great Running Rainbow! Just kidding. It's hard to wear anything that goes with our shoes. That traffic cone orange just doesn't coordinate well.

  2. Ha ha, Kristen! I actually was going to swap out my white/orange Lunar Glides today for the cool new colors, but they'd already sold out and I got a new version of my old ones for $10 off. Oh well! I think I will have to stick with basic black gear in the future!

  3. I need to replace mine soon and I'm going to try for the plum. They are obnoxious and won't match anything either. but whatever. :)