Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flat-footed. And fat-footed.

An update on my feet, after trying on just about every size 9 shoe in Target today.

They have not grown any bigger. They are just a lot fatter.

Seeing my feet in size 9s reminded my of my almost-four-year-old daughter stomping around the house in my favorite peep-toe pumps (which no longer fit me); there was a good half inch of negative space between my heel and the back of the shoe. But my feet have become so wide that even in a 9W, it was a tight squeeze, especially in the toe area. These little piggies have gottena  little piggish.

So now I don't get to to go shopping for the discounted "big girl" 9s at DSW. If I want new kicks, I'm going to have to find special double-wide 8s at the double-wide shoe store, wherever in South Florida that might be.

In the meantime, it looks like I'm confined to my running sneaks and flip-flops, and one pair of slightly less beachy sandals I can wear to work.

It's a good thing it's still in the 80s down here and I can get away with such casual accessorizing. Just think of wearing boots makes my feet tingle...and not in a good way.


  1. I can *so* relate. My feet are about the right length for a size 5 shoe, but I wear a 7.5 in most styles. Of course, most styles I wear are unstructured cheapo crap, because quality too-big shoes have arch support in the wrong place. I didn't mind this arrangement until I turned 35 and have had to start adding separate arch supports lest I be crippled by plantar fasciitis. I'm still looking for a good sandal solution.

  2. I feel your pain!! I seriously live in my running shoes and sandals. And you're right--the arch supports just make it all the more complicated. I have such envy of people who can walk in cute shoes (v. hobbling in them)