Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feeling iffy about Cliffy.

I have mixed feelings about Clif bars.

On one hand, they seem to be the only food I can consume immediately after a long run that doesn't make me sick to my stomach--and they also help keep my hunger in check the rest of the day. Believe me, I've experimented with everything else, from a modest packet of apple slices to a fluffy pile of pumpkin pancakes.

What I've found is: eating less than a 250 calorie Clif bar ultimately results in dizzying, staggering hunger several hours later (the kind where you could eat an entire pizza and still want more); much more calories than a Clif, though, and I can't even tell you the bathroom misery I experience. (I will never eat pumpkin pancakes again!)

So I'm grateful to Clif for settling my stomach and preventing me from becoming one of those rare, legendary but not mythical "fat" marathon runners.

But taste-wise, Clif, my man, the thrill is gone.

Eating a Clif bar once a week is actually starting to remind me of my fling with Slimfast shakes in the summer of 2003, when I was trying to lose brand-new-baby weight fast enough to wear a size 6 dress to a cousin's wedding. (In case you're wondering, it worked, but to this day just seeing a Slimfast commercial makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth.)

At first I thought the Clif bars were yummy, just like I remember thinking, "Mmmm, chocolate milkshakes!" But now I'm beyond bored. I have a Clif bar aversion. I'd like to throw my stash of them off a cliff, if truth be told.  Bring on the real food, please! Something that doesn't vaguely remind me of carrot cake, without actually being carrot cake. Something that isn't inspired by a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, without actually being a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.

So help me out, please. Tell me, what can I eat that won't make me sick? That's in the 250ish calorie range and has the same balance of carbs and protein that Clif has?

I'm going to assume real carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies are not options because of the fat and lack of protein, but if the recovery grub could be tasty enough that I actually look forward to eating it after a run, that would be a plus.


  1. Hey Jorie,

    Try odwalla bars. They are similar to Cliff bars but there are so many more flavors to them. I really like them.

  2. I like to drink chocolate milk after a long run. What about a protein shake?

    I personally love clif bars and feel like its a treat lol. I just stocked up on the seasonal pumpkin pie flavor - holy yum!

  3. Hmmm, didn't know about pumpkin pie. Maybe I will have to try that one. I'm definitely not a fan of the carrot cake, toffee PB or the oatmeal raisin, though. (But pumpkin anything is my weakness.)

  4. I only love the Peanut Butter Cliff bars. And they can be so hard to find these days!

    Personally, after a long run (and by long I mean 5 to 6 miles), I crave bacon and pancakes. It never makes me sick.