Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gotta go. (Indeed!)

Fiber One products are no longer my friends. I'm starting to think plain old white Wonder Bread has gotten a bad rap.

The good news is, the gotta-go feeling is helping me with my speed. I could be jogging along at a leisurely pace, and then all of the sudden I just bolt home. It looks really impressive if you're jogging on the same path as me--like I must be training for some kind of elite race alongside former Olympic contestants. Ha.

Another plus side to my complete lack of constipation: I've gotten to know the 6 am crowd at my local Starbucks. They "run in" for their soy mocha latte chino. I run in (quite literally) for the ladies' room. They are a nice crowd, and they always politely step out of my way.

At my Team in Training meeting this weekend, Runner's Depot is going to give a presentation on all the amazing running gadgets they sell.

Think they sell Port o Potties?

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