Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brief update to my shoe-fitting fiasco

In all fairness to Foot Solutions, I feel obligated to provide a brief synopsis of my conversation with the manager today when I called to complain about my orthodics agony.

Manager: So when you say the orthodics hurt your feet, what do you mean?

Me: Well, there was some blood loss...

Manager: BLOOD? What? Are you joking?

Me: There wasn't blood at first, at first they just felt a little uncomfortable, but by the time I was halfway into my three mile run, yes, my right foot in particular was all torn up on the instep.

Manager: You ran three miles in brand new orthodics? You can't tell me you think that was smart, to have tried to run three miles wearing brand new orthodics!

Me: Well, the woman who helped me yesterday told me I would be able to run with them. I asked her.

Manager: What?? [Puts me on hold for about five minutes, leaving me to imagine the nice lady who waited on me yesterday being beaten with a cat 'o nine tails or having her fingernails removed without anesthesia for her mistake.]

Me: Is everything OK?

Manager: Yes. [Sounding slightly breathless.] IF she told you it was safe to run in the orthodics, that was clearly a misunderstanding. You need to walk in them for no more than a half hour the first day, an hour the second day, and so forth, for at least two weeks before running.

Me: And then if I'm still bleeding?

Manager: Then come back to the store.

Because I'm a nice person, I hope the manager wasn't too harsh on the employee who gave me the bad advice. I wouldn't want to see her fired or anything--it's a rough economy. On the other hand, if the manager decided to punish her by making her run three miles with broken shells in her shoes, I would think that was a fair consequence indeed.

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