Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mama's little baby likes...

...big, fat doughy pierogies. And gnocchi. And those Alexa organic red potato slices with rosemary and olive oil.
No need to get fancy, of course. A big hot steamy baked Idaho with a sprinkle of coarse sea salt is just as divine as the pasta-ensconced varieties.

I have a feeling the kid will have a special place in his heart for Mr. Potato Head one day. (Though he might try to eat it, not play with it.)

When he's not making me pine for potatoes, he's got me jonesing for dark chocolate.

And--this is weird--really dark, bitter green vegetables. (Tonight I had brussel sprouts cooked in lemon juice, garlic and olive oil with my pierogies and Baby and I had a little post-meal reverie. It was wonderful.)

Plus, it's hard to go to bed without some pineapple or watermelon. Or both.

But peanut butter, any kind of meat, finfish and bananas? Blech.

This kid is picky!

As I feast on carb-o-licious deliciacies, I just keep reminding myself that running and nursing will be one hell of a calorie- and pound-zapping combo post-partum.

For now, though, the Tater Tot and I are boasting quite the appetite!

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