Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time for the spin shoes to collect some dust.

At first I could make it the full hour without needing a bathroom break. Then, about a month ago, I could get away with going once. But today I needed to get up three times. And the third time I slipped on my own sweat, wearing cleats, in the bathroom, and came pretty close to a bad fall.

The dismount/remount has gotten to be a hilariously difficult feat, too. Plus, todays's class featured a lot of jumps, which Baby clearly didn't like, as he kept kicking me in the pelvis every time I sat back in the saddle.

I have to say my spin teacher seemed really relieved when I told her goodbye till November. She probably saw me as a walking--or waddling--liability. "You'd be better off walking on a treadmill," she said, placing her hand to her heart.

Mmmm, let's not go overboard. If Biggest Loser contestants can amble themselves on top of an elliptical, I think I can handle that for another few months. Even during today's awkward and slightly dangerous session, I still feel great after cardio. And while it might not be keeping me slim or even holding back the pounds from piling on, having done this twice before, I know training my heart will mean a much faster postpartum recovery and a quicker return to the road and the spin studio.

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