Thursday, June 17, 2010

A few new developments in the life of a pregnant running enthusiast

1. It's a BOY! Yay! I think I like the sibling birth order of boy-girl-boy. For one thing, I'm really happy that our oldest gets a little buddy to follow him around (and to inherit his incredible collection of Thomas the Tank Engine trains, which he lost all interest in exactly one week before his Thomas the Tank Engine themed fourth birthday party three years ago.) And as nice as it might have been for our daughter to have a little sister, hey, she won't have to share her lipstick (or boyfriends) with anyone...and speaking of boyfriends, I do pity the ones she brings home, with two protective brothers now surrounding her on both sides.

2. Running, like cinch-waist dresses, Pinot Noir, and demi-cup bras, has joined the growing list of things I'm looking forward to enjoying once again...after November 2. (Perhaps after December 2, or January 2, for that matter--anyone know how long it takes to be able to run again after recovering from a c-section?) It's very hot here in South Florida, even at 6 a.m. when I used to hit the trail, and I now have this large appendage that bounces unpleasantly when I'm in motion. Plus, last month I managed to score myself a case of mastitis, an infection typically suffered by breastfeeding mothers, not pregnant women, by what I'd originally thought was a brilliant solution to my jogging bra friction problem: wearing two sports bras, both at least two sizes too small. Who knew this solution could cause a painful bacterial infection that led to a fever and really awful pain? Anyway, consider me benched.

3. Please don't say you told me so, but I like yoga now. (I'm ducking.) After railing against yoga for being too blah for good old Type A me, I am now an enthusiastic student at the prenatal yoga class Monday nights at the Weston Yoga Studio. An enthusiastic student, but not a particularly good one: standing in the tree pose on my gimpy left foot (those running injuries and plantar fascitis are worse than ever now that I'm sporting so much extra weight) for a mere 120 seconds caused me to sweat like I was sprinting. And the first time I tried Downward Dog with a big belly I accidentally almost did a somersault. But this is something my body really needs to learn how to do, especially now. (Clearly!) And, the afterglow is pretty awesome.

4. I now have a love-hate relationship now with my spin class. What I love: (1) that in positions 2 and 3, it really feels like I'm running, weightlessly, (2) I can safely enjoy the adreneline rush of intense cardio without worrying about falling on my face, (3) it's in the pitch dark at 5:30 a.m.--so no one else can really see how absurd I now look, and if they did see it, they'd probably be too sleepy to process the image. What I hate: (1) I am so tired now and it's really hard to peel myself out of bed for a workout, (2) sitting in position 1 to pedal causes my belly to rub against my legs and strains my back, not to mention that the tiny little seat seems to have shrunken as my no longer tiny little seat has grown, (2) I am so testy and hormonal these days that something as minor as the instructor choosing to play a Country-Western song incites the spinner's equivelant of road rage. (Country? Seriously? Seriously?)

So that's it. I might not be updating much these days, but I'm still a runner at heart. Well, I'm off to go research jogging strollers.

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