Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seriously, Nike??

I'm in the market for a new pair of Nike Lunarglides, since my shins protested as soon as I hit the 200 mile mark. (I know sneakers are supposed to last for 300-400 miles, but I either run my shoes too hard into the ground or Nike just makes a softer shoe.)

So I see there is a Sports Authority shoe sale, click on to their site...and look at this.


This is the color combo on sale in my size. The one that's not on sale, in gray and hot pink, is a marginal improvement.

Can I ask what the point is of making a shoe look so ugly?? I wish I had the luxury of buying a running shoe based on looks, but with my funny feet, I've got to stick with what fits.

And I thought the white/orange combo was bad.


  1. Road Runner has them for 89.99 in a nice gray with pink bottoms. better than that orange.

  2. I go through Sports Authority because of their running shoe replacement plan. You buy a pair, pay 10% extra for the plan, then when you run them out, you get a full refund on the shoes minus the 10%. Just called my nearest one and they have the orange and blue pair (??? haven't seen those!) and the ones you're describing. I have them holding both pairs--won't be sad to say goodbye to white & orange, no matter what!

  3. I currently have the gray with yellow bottoms. I am moving to the pink bottoms next pair. Which should be in the next month. Orange and turquiose I think. hhhmmmm.
    We don't have a sports authority near us. I end up just ordering.

  4. interesting, i'm going to have to look into that. I bought a plan once on their shoes, but they never said I could use the plan like that. Just that if it had a "manufacturer's defect".

  5. Mel, this one is called the "running shoe replacement plan." I've used it twice and got checks back within a month both times. I did say when they asked why I was returning it that "the shoes are worn out after only 200 miles of use," and they accepted that as a reason to replace without questions or asking for a running log or anything.

    Kristen, I found the gray and pink ones--they are PRETTY! (White and blue was very blah.) So glad I saw them in the store. Very excited to have some new shoes.

  6. yeah! pretty new shoes! That makes me run faster for a few days :)

  7. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have these shoes and LOVE the way they look. (I hate the plain gray/white/blahblah combos.) They are bright! And cheerful! They are happy shoes! In fact, I bought them expressly because of their appearance, which is a really dumb thing to do where running shoes are concerned, and something I've avoided doing until now. (And it bit me in the ass, because they HURT my poor flat feet.)