Monday, March 15, 2010

Love hurts. Your bra shouldn't.

I'm stealing that line from a lingerie shop in Philadelphia where I was fitted for a bra many many years ago. (It's probably my favorite business slogan ever, so I jump at any opportunity to use it.)

So in this case I'm talking about a sports bra, not anything frilly or delicate or French enough to be found in that shop. But, a stretched out sports bra can cause just as much pain as an ill-fitting demi-cup underwire--and I think my fellow female runners out there know exactly what I'm talking about.

What's your bra of choice? And how long would you say it's lasted? I loved my Target Champion bras when I bought them last year, but they started to get stinky and mildewy after about six months, and now they aren't really doing any bra-like duties at all for me. I need support!!


  1. I've been wearing road runner bras. they have lasted really well. I also wear the long version by itself in the summer. I'm too self conscious to just wear a sports bra and too hot to wear anything BUT a sports bra. That is my compromise.

  2. Bras under private label by Road Runner or a specific brand sold there? I saw they have "Moving Comfort," which I've heard great things about after researching this topic at length. :-)

    I know what you mean about the summer. I can't run in just a bra, either. I've worn one with a tank on top, and that's as skimpy as I get!

  3. the Road Runner brand. I think they list it as RRS. I have some moving comfort capris that I love but no bras. I have heard good things about them though. Oh! and I also have one title nine bra. It rocks. They have a huge selection.

  4. I like Moving Comfort a lot. I buy mine from Title 9. They have a great online bra finder and LOTS of options.

  5. Oooh, Title 9 looks really cool. I think I need to go to a running store to figure out what I need, and then at least I'll know where to find good prices. Thanks.