Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rain fell, and so did I

Conversation with my mother-in-law.

Her:  "So, are you running this weekend?"
Me:  "Yes, 10 miles. Unfortunately, it's going to rain and be very cold tomorrow."
Her:  "Please be careful! You don't want to fall."
Me: " Oh, I won't fall."

Ha ha ha ha HA! What a perfectly absurd thing for the clumsiest runner in the United States of America to promise!

Of course I fell. I mean, falling was the only running injury I can think of that wasn't on my resume of boo-boos, and that's only because I never ran in major rain before.

It wasn't that bad. I'd completed about 7 miles, and it was cold and pouring. I was doing well, as far as runs go. I was averaging a 9 minute mile, my fastest post-injury pace yet, my knees felt fine, and I wasn't that miserable despite the fact that my clothes were soaking wet and I'd gotten lost in Ft. Lauderdale, which was a change from my usual training territory. (I missed the turn at Los Olas, which is the most clearly marked street in Broward County. Ran right past it and didn't even notice this until I'd gone several miles longer than I should have on A1A.)

Anyway, rounding down a hill, I slipped on a wet grate in the sidewalk and went flying wildly, ass-over-tea-kettle (I am not sure exactly what that expression means, but it seems appropriate for how my feet were circling helplessly in the sky like an overturned hermit crab's), landing hard on my back and my wrist.

It hurt. But, aside from a bit of blood and a black and blue palm, I'm fine now. Which is wonderful because I was pretty sure I'd broken my wrist at first. Just because the whole thing was kind of scary and shocking when it first happened.

An extremely nice runner named Mona saw me lying on my back on a sidewalk grate and came to my rescue. When she discovered I was OK, she offered to run back with me (we were both three miles from the same ending point) as long as I was OK running "a 10 minute mile," because she'd seen me running very quickly before I fell. Staggering with a sore back and arm, I told her I didn't think I could keep up with her but I'd try. It was a tough, wet, cold, slow 3 miles back, but when I finally arrived, I felt pretty good.

Mainly because it was over.

It feels really, really good right now to be home, and dry.


  1. Ugh How horrible. I bet you are going to be sore! I ran a 10 mile race yesterday and it was 17 degrees. I think we both need some sun.

  2. How was your race?? Wow, 17 degrees! I will shut up now about running in 35 degree weather. :-P I can't wait for January to be over!

  3. It was cold. My time was 1:42:14. I wanted to make it more like 1:37 but since I couldn't feel my face for the first mile I guess that was pretty good.

  4. Kristen, that's a great time! Congratulations! The difference between 1:42 and 1:37 is like stopping to tie your shoelace or drink water, so I'd say that is a pretty great accomplishment to be very proud of.