Monday, July 8, 2013

A few of my favorite things

Running in South Florida in mid-July is...oh, a little crazy. But it's something you kind of have to do if you don't want that icky "fell off the wagon" feeling when the temperatures finally cool in October and BAM! It's race season again. Here are a few of my favorite running-related items from, where I work and frequently shop!

1. Nuun tablets. In orange. Not only do they make drinking water all colorful and fizzy--but they're also loaded with electrolytes (a must to prevent dehydration in this heat!!)

2. ARO chocolate whey powder. Mix it with almond milk and frozen fruit and you have a refreshing post-run meal.

3. Kiss My Face Sport 50 sunscreen--sprays on easily and I'm proud to say I haven't been burned yet this summer! (I usually do run before the sun rises to take advantage of those oh-so-cool 80-degree early morning temps, but on lazy Sunday mornings, I usually don't amble out the door till 8 am or later...)

4. EcoSmart Organic Insect Repellent--because it's really gross to come back from a run with dead bugs drowning in your sweat--ick!!

I couldn't run without these goodies anymore than I could run without my Brooks! But all that being said...I can't wait for fall!

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