Thursday, April 28, 2011

Running in my sleep

I'm back at it, the 5 a.m. morning mile. Pre-coffee, pre-breakfast, pre-dawn. I am SLOW. With some caffeine and carbs I can get below a 9 minute mile for a 3-4 mile run, but with an empty stomach and a sleepy head, I'm about 30 seconds slower than that. But I am PROUD. It's nice to come back to a quiet house, the baby just starting to stir a little (I hear the movement over the baby monitor as I hop in the shower) and know that when most of the world was sleeping, I ran past the Starbucks and McDonald's and two elementary schools and back. Now if only the rest of my day would go as smoothly...


  1. At least when you go through the rest of your day it's with a clearer head. I'm back to early mornings too. so sleepy.

  2. It always catches up to me at around 3 pm. Yawn.