Sunday, March 6, 2011

When 5.31 miles is harder to run than 8.0

Last Sunday, I had a shockingly easy 8 mile run (well, as easy as 8 miles can be). I wasn't even all that sore afterwards; I felt great the whole time, went pretty fast, never contemplated stopping.

Today, feeling pretty cocky from my previous performance, I thought I'd go for lucky 7 miler.

All I can say's a miracle I made it 5.31 miles without stopping, because when I did stop, about a mile and a half short from where I planned to end the run, I came pretty close to throwing up. And the majority of the run, I was wondering, "Are we having fun yet?"

It's amazing how the conditions surrounding a run can determine whether you kick asphalt or the asphalt kicks you.

Conditions of my 8 mile run:Started running at 7 a.m.
My Garmin battery was dead, so I forgot to worry about my pace
I ran with a friend who is a faster runner than me
It was in the 60s outside
Flat, easy course; no hills. The first two miles are a path around the Weston Town Center (a sort of mini-mall) and then the last six are a straight shot up and back the incredibly hill-free Bonaventure Road.

Conditions of my 5.31 mile run:
Started running at 9:30 a.m.
Garmin was alive and kicking
I ran alone
It was humid, in the 80s (and I forgot to bring water)
Very hilly course (Indian Trace on the stretch between Saddle Club and Bonaventure) with narrow paths so you have to accelerate or slow down if another runner/walker/biker is approaching

I'll have to see if I can do the hills in cooler weather at an earlier hour with more success. Right now, hours later, I'm still a little sweaty, and my stomach is not a happy camper.

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