Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Speeding up & slimming down (yay!)

Being a new mom is all about numbers. How many hours did the baby sleep? How many times did he feed, spit up, mock Pampers' marketing claims that their diapers are "leak proof"?

And then there's that important number we don't always like to talk about: the one on the scale. How close (or far) are we to pre-pregnancy weight?

When you're a new mommy who also runs, there's another number that matters to you, a LOT. Your pre-pregnancy pace.

I am thrilled and honored and ecstatic and delighted to report that I am tightly closing in on both these numbers. I've got five pounds to go to be the old, pre-baby me, and thirty seconds per mile to go to get my old, unencumbered pace back. My clothes aren't quite zipping up the way they used to due to a stretched out belly and a little extra padding on top (thanks to nursing.) But for the most part, I feel like the old me. Yay!