Monday, October 25, 2010

The final countdown

Just 7 days...then 6 weeks

In exactly one week from today--if not sooner, should my water break unexpectedly--our third and final kid will be entering the universe via scheduled c-section.

Not being a huge fan of life as a human incubator, it's been a long nine months. I have unapologetically whined through every moment of heartburn, back pain, false labor contractions, insomnia, exhaustion and hysteria. Those women who revel every kick and every extra pound? I'm not one of them.

But finally, in this last week, I'm experiencing the true elation of pregnancy, for two reasons: (1) because it's really and truly ALMOST OVER!!! and (2) I can't wait to meet our little guy (or not so little, going by the size of my belly).

I'm so excited, I can barely sleep. And I don't blame the hourly bathroom trips for the insomnia, either. At night, I roam around the house like a ghost (big, clumsy, waddling ghost), peering into my kids' rooms to watch them sleeping...and to wonder.

I look at my 7 1/2 year old son and almost 5 year old daughter and wonder if the baby willl look like them (at birth, they had identical faces, and you can still see the similarity when they are asleep).

I wonder if he'll be introspective like his brother, strong-willed like his sister, playful like his father, intense like his mother...or none of the above--or a "combo platter" of all or some of these traits. (An intensely playful, introspective, stubborn little boy, perhaps? Sounds like he'd fit right into our crazy clan.)

And speaking of things I can't wait for, I also can't wait to run again, which, if memory serves, I'll be able to do in exactly seven weeks from today (six following delivery).

I stopped working out at about seven months when I got hit with paralyzing hip and leg pain (pelvic girdle pain, if you've been so lucky to have experienced this pregnancy condition yourself) and during that same month, in the most blatant example of "retail therapy" I can think of, I scored myself a BOB running stroller, in chic baby blue and chocolate brown, which I'm just itching to break in.

I can't wait to see how my little running buddy looks strapped into this bad boy.

And I can't wait to move quickly again, to feel my feet hitting the pavement, to break a sweat from actual physical activity not just from trying to heave my body in and out of the car, to feel my heart race without worrying if it's going too fast for a growing fetus.

See you all on the road soon.


  1. happy baby! Wishing you wonder and sleep.

  2. Thanks, Kristen. Looking forward to running "with" you soon!

  3. good! I'm training for Disney Full. It's going well so far but sure wish I had a partner in crime :) So far I have discovered that chocolate gu is fab and ice baths work. And If I don't look to far ahead on the training plan it's not overwhelming.

  4. Congratulations Jorie! I wish you a healthy birth!

    My friend is due in early December- it's her first and she's already hit the "this really stinks" mentality. Of course, she's also 4'10" and about 80 pounds, so she's looked full term for the last 3 months I think.

  5. Kristen, I hope the Disney full goes well!!! Is this your first full? I have a lot of friends who've done the half and a few who did the Goofy Challenge (which sounds insane to me.) Good to know about chocolate GU and ice baths--I can't wait to trade in my feet swollen from baby weight for feet swollen from miles!!

    Candice, thank you and good luck to your friend!! I am not that small by a longshot but also have looked full term for a very long time, and it is indeed very annoying!!